Do You Like Your Phone?

Do You Like Your Phone? People ask the question all the time especially since I went from nine months of a flip phone to the iPhone 5.

But when my son asked me that same question on Friday while I was checking email it hit be like a ton of bricks. And my answer was "it's just a phone, you know what I like? You."

But I still felt like shit.

I don't think the question was as simple as it sounded. I think he was basically saying: you're ignoring me for your phone. Do you like it better than me?

I thought the self-imposed smart phone free jail (same link as before) I put myself in would have kicked me of my habit. And I guess it did for the short term but then twitter and such do try to steal my intention and it often works.

In reality I don't check much when my son is around. I rarely have sound on and killed the notifications for emails so i don't hear tons of distractions. I don't tweet while he's calling for me, when playing Legos with him or any of that, but I have checked when he's around or on a trip to the kitchen or such...Maybe I make an extra trip just because.

My Connect Now And Tweet Later wallpaper has actually stopped me from checking the phone and that rocks but like I said above I have done a backlide of phone checking.

To be fair that Friday I was checking work email because I was home sick and had a lot of stuff to do...

But those are all excuses, all rationalizations for the fact that I have let my phone steal time from my kid. Something I do not want to happen.

However I received another weapon to add to my arsenal of fighting that fight and this one seems to be working. I got a TwelveSouth Book Book. I'm not gonna review it but the summary is it seems quite well made, lives up to expectations and I love it.

My phone isn't out there. I can't see what's happening with a push of a button. Notifications and such are hidden behind the front flap which is tight under an elastic band.

I'm betting when they made the case they weren't thinking it was a way to keep your phone at bay.

Maybe some folks would be turned off by a "hidden phone" but that's the biggest reason I'd recommend it.

Trying to curb the overconnectedness (totally a word) is a tough battle. And I've seen folks lose...I've seen a lot of kids lose... It's a cause I really care about...

That question Friday was a wakeup call...I'm not gonna lose the battle. Not gonna let my son lose.

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  1. I'm surprised he doesn't take it from you.